My favorite baby products!

There are truly some things that I could not live without.  I know that some of my readers are getting ready for new babies, even for the second time around.  So here are my picks for baby products that I love.  Now, I know that I don’t really NEED any of these things, but they sure do make life a whole lot easier.

 1.  Soothie Infant Pacifier 

I picked this up at our hospital gift shop (which, by the way was the only place I could find the elusive nipple shields!).  My newborn is a voracious sucker and needs to suck even when he is not hungry.  Today I accidentally dropped it on the floor of the doctor’s office, oh the drama.  Sidenote – I would not recommend giving your newborn a pacifier until they are well established breast-feeders. 

2.  My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

One of the things that was very important to me was to be successful at nursing.  So I spent a little money on this nursing pillow.  I’ve never tried the Boppy, but people say they like this one better.  It’s flatter and stays on better.  Plus, it allows me to type with both hands while nursing and my arms don’t get tired, which I could foresee being a big problem when he gets heavier.  I know, the name is really corny.

3.  Bebe au lait nursing cover

This was on my friend Jeana’s wish list!  I really love this for nursing in public.  It provides great coverage and the top part is stiff so that you can see the baby and the baby can breathe.  I am glad I spent some money on products for nursing.  If it bothers you, think of all the money you could be spending on formula.


4.  Hotslings

This was another thing that was on Jeana’s list (thanks Jeana).  I actually didn’t see the need for a sling until after he was born.  Much easier than carrying that heavy carseat around.  Plus, he really likes it, makes him feel snuggly.  I really love having him close to me too.  We actually don’t have a stroller, we just use the sling most of the time.  You can carry the baby 5 different ways, depending on their age.  I got the brown color so Paul could use it too, but they have some really neat girly prints.


There you have it!  That’s about the extent of my knowledge after being a mom less than three weeks.  I am really excited to start my cloth diapering, but I’m still waiting for him to grow into the smallest size of diapers that I have. 


One response to “My favorite baby products!

  1. Great list! I love my nursing cover and sling, too. I also got the espresso brown color for the hotsling =). I’m kind of frustrated with my Boppy and have just been using a regular bed pillow for nursing. Maybe I should check Craig’s List for a My Breast Friend now that I know someone who recommends it!

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